Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Denim Dedication Month: My A-denim-vent Calendar

Starting tomorrow, online fashion retailer The Dressing Room will be holding their Denim Dedication month - a whole month of celebrating everything denim.

Denim was created in America in the late 1700's and is now used so widely that it seems crazy to think what the world would be like if it wasn't around.

It's such a common fabric that I'm sure the vast majority of you reading this have some in your wardrobe - I myself have numerous pairs of jeans in different shades and styles.  Then I remember the too-short denim skirts I used to parade around in when I was younger (and braver), the denim dungarees I wore when I was a little girl, or the little denim dress I used to love.  In fact, I think I still have a denim dress somewhere in my wardrobe - I might have to dig that out for when (if) the sun ever shows it's face again.

And there's no way I can talk about denim without reminding you all of the double-denim Britney and Justin paraded back in the day.  (Am I the only one that misses these two being a couple?)

(photo courtesy of MTV)

Denim is now SO common in our daily lives that I think sometimes we take it for granted.  If we didn't have jeans, what would we wear day-to-day?  I wear jeans of some description almost every day; I just can't imagine what else I could turn to in my wardrobe that I could dress down and laze around in or dress up and go out for drinks in.  It's so versatile!

This is why I was so keen to get involved with the The Dressing Room's Denim Dedication month - I'm a great believer in celebrating the small things in life and being thankful for those things we take for granted.

Join me over the next month as I - in conjunction with The Dressing Room - celebrate denim and all it's done for us.

LilliesandLove xx

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